As soon as I get up I drink 1 glass of jeera-methi water, soaking the seeds overnight and boiling it to half.

My Breakfast: I keep switching my breakfast between poha, besan/moong dal cheela, boiled eggs, paratha (less or no oil) omelette and sandwiches (only brown bread) and tea without sugar.

My Lunch: In lunch, I have a bowl full of vegetables, 1-2 chapatis, a portion of salad and a bowl of yoghurt without sugar.

Evening Snack : 2 tablespoon roasted channa ,makhana or murmura with tea without sugar or green tea.

My Dinner: When I had started working out initially, I just had yellow or green dal khichdi for my dinner for one whole month. Now, I have 1 chapati, a bowl of vegetables, a bowl of dal. I always make sure to finish my meal before 8.00 pm.

Pre-workout meal: 1 banana or any seasonal fruit.

Post-workout meal: 5 almonds soaked overnight.

I indulge in: I eat whatever I feel like but make sure to maintain my diet accordingly for the coming week.


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